Rules to Staff(Moderator through Head Admin)

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Rules to Staff(Moderator through Head Admin)

Post by Admin on Fri Dec 11, 2015 9:15 pm

Respect all players.
Use the "!warn" system to take care of Rule Breakers
You can only ban people forever if they attempt to crash, Do crash or cause some harm to the server.
Only use Staff powers if Staff on duty. This may be excluded if you are the only staff or if it's a Emergency.
Only use no clip if needed and you MUST be Staff on duty.
Follow RP rules. You are not excluded from them.
Be a role model.
Don't RP as staff on duty.
Familiarize yourself with the RP and Staff rules.
Don't be ban happy. This will get you Demoted 0-100 Real Fast
Don't god mode yourself as a rp class.
Promote the server. Get people to donate and Join the steam group.
Don't disrespect any staff members. We are all Friends.
Do not cleanup the whole server EVER! You must do a Vote (Senior Admin Only) and cleanup props through !menu Under "DarkRp"
Do not ask for Promotions.
Use common sense.
Don't share your powers with with other players.
Don't spy on people. (Noclip into their base without reason)
Don't Physgun people without reason. If a Player is Annoying you DO NOT Physgun them away
Don't have printers as staff on duty.
Don't base as staff on duty.
Don't own doors as staff on duty.
If your the only staff on then you must go on duty.
DON'T freeze your printers, or anyone elses.
Do not do random votes or server announcements.
Listen to your superiors.
Do not steal players dupe's without there permission.
No spying on any staff member if anyone does they will be Kicked/Banned/Demoted!!
NO Permanent Banning or Unbanning people without super admins permissions unless its an extreme situation like a Big Exploiter or Someone Crashing server.
Do not Teleport to a Superadmin without a reason and their permission!
Do not accept donations from players for in-game items! This will Lead to a Permanent Ban on ALL Servers.
Do not purge on duty
Don't make your own rules for the server.
Don't kick/ban yourself! (It crashes the server)
If you Find any Bugs or Have Suggestions then Report them Here
Breaking these rules will result in a probation, or a demotion down one or all ranks depending on what was broken.


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